World Rugby appointed Rugby Educator & Trainer and current coach of St. Peter’s College Sanath Martis has finally been captured on video assaulting a school boy in full public view at the Havelocks Sports Club rugby grounds.

This incident took place when St.Peter’s College played a friendly rugby game with D.S. Senanayake College recently.

The video when viewed sees Peterite utility player known affectionately as “Kadiya” to his team mates being called off the pitch and assaulted by coach Sanath Martis.

However since it was a friendly rugby game the Peterite rugby team were not playing in their official school rugby jerseys.

Despite having a reputation of being a strict disciplinarian who coached many champion school and club sides, it was always alleged that Sanath Martis had over the years physically assaulted many of his students.

All those previous assaults remained as mere allegations, as no victim in the past officially reported those incidents, which eventually were swept under the carpet.

Now this video footage finally lays to rest many allegations that were made against Sanath Martis all these years.

According to a commentator who took to social media in support of Peterite Coach Sanath Martis’ assault stated ” the coach was livid when the said player had kicked an opponent when he was fallen on the ground during an ensuing infringement during the game. He had called the player off the pitch and then slapped him several times on the side line in full public view”

When Colombo Telegraph contacted Ross Mitchell the Consultant General Manager of Asia Rugby the Asian arm that comes under World Rugby, he said I have not seen the video footage as yet.

However Mitchell went on to say “based on what I am hearing this behavior is totally unacceptable. After we see the video footage we will definitely contact the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union to investigate this matter.”