Otara Gunewardene

Director of Embark and Otara Foundation. Kindness towards everyone, be they humans or animals, paves the way to creating a better life for ourselves and for everyone around us. Teaching ethical values to children, as well as teaching the importance of respect and understanding towards all living beings are best done through kindness. Imparting such values will never be successful should it be done through instilling fear and terror. We campaign for ending a barbaric crime that happens within classrooms and schools, which affects hundreds of victims in the formative years of their life. It is time for a real change; a palpable change that will make a major impact in society, an impact where we in unison, bravely, abhor violence against children. I will help and support this campaign in any way, contributing towards such a change in society – REAL CHANGE!

Sidath Wettimuny

Cricket, Former National Player. Twice in my life, as a young schoolboy, I was slapped across my face by my school teachers. To date, I have no idea what I did to deserve it! When I occasionally recall those moments, I realize that those violent acts reflected those teachers’ states of mind, and were not due to my own doing. In a society that continues to witness violence against children, we must educate our teachers and parents who resort to corporal punishment. Their violent acts are ultimately reflections of their own mental states. We need to address this root cause. Violence begets violence. Kindness multiplies kindness. Restraint will arise with understanding and wisdom. I am delighted to support the End Corporal Punishment in schools campaign and contribute towards REAL CHANGE!


Bhoomi Harendran

Children are our future and our reflection. If we teach violence to our children they will portray violence in the community. We must strive for a society free of conflict and only for one with empathy. Stop Child Cruelty is not just another organization. Joining the team at Stop Child Cruelty has offered me an opportunity to fulfill a life long ambition to protect and promote the rights of children.

Chandi Aluwihare Delwala

Human rights exist to make sure that we are treated properly and fairly, and are given the freedom to develop to our full potential. In addition, an efficient protection mechanism is essential for children, because as vulnerable people, they are more exposed to problems of mistreatment, exploitation, discrimination and violence. Children need special rights because they need extra protection that adults don’t. As Global Goodwill Ambassador, I believe my efforts to ensure welfare of children are best fulfilled with Stop Child Cruelty Trust.


Dr Tush Wickramanayaka

Tush is a Sri Lankan/British dual citizen. She is a General Physician of 26years experience and a mother of two children. After living and working in UK all her adult life, she returned to the sunny isle with her young family to let them enjoy the culture and values of Sri Lanka. Ever since her children enrolled in International School in 2010, she has strived to rectify the recurring issues with child protection. She is alarmed by the callous disregard of the rights of children in Sri Lanka and how the Police, Education Authorities and other Agencies consider child cruelty an acceptable practice. “Every child is precious. No child should be cruelly bullied into submission’. Tush hopes her own personal experiences can help other victims.

Marilyn Wouters

Marilyn is a Swiss national living in Sri Lanka since 2010. She has been involved in education since 1973: first as a Secretary to the Principal in a Dutch school in Germany, first ever registered Registrar of an International school in 1992 in Dubai, owner of an International Baccalaureate School in Tanzania in 2003. She volunteers her services to the local school in Sri Lanka and is a passionate animal lover. She runs a home for disabled cats. Marilyn was alarmed to hear Tush’s experience, reminiscing of the frightful memories of the Principal at the school where she volunteered walking with a cane. “Sri Lanka had stood still in time and physical punishment was very much alive”. As an educator Marilyn hopes her ideas from the International arena will help alleviate child cruelty

Roshan Perera

Roshan is an airline pilot by profession. He is a father of two young daughters. He volunteered to be involved in this unique national endeavor as he firmly believes in abolishment of child cruelty and abuse. “One should never feel guilty for the protection of their children from any wrong doers regardless of their social status”.Roshan envisages a brighter world for all our children.